Monday, November 2, 2009

Freddy Fenders

I recently decided to put fenders on my cyclo cross bike mainly because I enjoy the look of resentment from cross riders, but also to try to stay a little clean on my morning commute. Planet Bike made a fender called, Freddy Fenders, an excellent fender discontinued due to the fact that the former artist with the same name patended his name. I would have expected that from Cher but not the Texas Tornado. Anyway, the fender was awesome. I put it through some hell. I rode through dirty water, thick mud, loose mud, grass, everything. My shoes were a little messy, but from my ankle up was spotless. Great piece of gear. I recommend them highly. On fenders I say, don't skimp. Don't buy the crappy plastic ones that only cost $10 at the velo swap, splurge. This purchase will keep you on the road when others drive. That is the goal, right? To show up to that important tie wearing event on your bike, able to smuggly lock your bike next to the building. Slyly inserting into almost every conversation, "No, I didn't have any problem finding a parking place." Stupid motorists.

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