Monday, November 16, 2009

I can be a douch bag too.

Okay, let's do it. Let's begin the conversation with a declarative statement. People who ride bicycles on the sidewalk are basically the reason society is going to crumble. It eats at our basic social fibers. I think if you are caught riding your bicycle on the sidewalk you should be sentenced to installing training wheels and be required to put tassles on your nipples and dance for the Pike House during one of their initiations. Seriously, what is the idea behind this? I mean, when you see some dumb ass 28 year old on a bmx, you know he is a douch. Or some hipster dipshit with his pants so tight his camel tail is clearly outlined, six months when the new fad is the old 70's style roller skates, he will be riding those, so I understand him riding on the sidewalk. But what about cyclists who do it? I guess I just don't understand. I am an old fashioned same rules, same rights, same responsibilities kind of guy. And of course I see the irony of embedding homosexual images in a message and using it as an insult, when I had to find those images. (Actually the camel tail made me throw up a little, even with my comfortablity with sexuality.) So think about it, bikes on sidewalks = douch bag. Bikes on main streets = douch bags.

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  1. Come on now. There are times when a block or two on the sidewalk will avoid two dangerous crossings of a busy highway. Every rule needs some moderation.