Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Laramie Cyclo Cross Race Series

Well Wyoming, get ready for some huge news. Cyclocross season is in full swing. Cheyenne has held some pretty respectable races, and now chiming in is the home of the University of Wyoming Cowboys; Laramie. And if I may quote, "Country clubs and cemeteries are the biggest wasters of prime real estate! Dead people? They don't need buried nowadays. Ecology, right? Ask Wang. He'll tell you. We just bought property behind the Great Wall. On the good side!" Well, they didn't set up shop in the cemetary, or the country club really, but they did find a good use for the local golf course in the fall, extending the use of this property to another section of the community; cyclists. Thank you Univeristy of Wyoming. It looked like a Caddyshack sequal gone wrong, though there were not cross dressing males unwilling to throw away the shackles of every day life, so they can only be themselves on Halloween and at cross races...bad interpretation. Anyway, There are two more races,(video 1) - (video 2) the first posted on the famous amature video site, youtube. Enjoy, and let's all head down to Laramie for the next race this sunday at one. Laramie-CX Race Series November 8,15,& 22University of Wyoming, Jacoby Golf Course 3501 Willett Drive, Laramie WY
For more information, including a google map overlay of the next course, head on over to

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