Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Meditations on Snow

Snowfall. It is like an old relative from childhood in so many ways. In the middle of summer, when you are farthest way from actually experiencing the uncomfortable presence of the second cousin season, you almost miss him. Usually on an uncomfortably hot day I will remember how good it feels to warm up after a long walk in the middle of winter. But then, as you are getting ready to head out the door for an early fall ride, he shows up at your door, ruining your chances of riding for a long time. Then he just will not leave. He borrows money, (heating bills), and he is always so damn depressing. It is like watching the parts of Everybody Loves Raymond that were left on the editing room floor…(I am implying that that show sucked and I would hate to see what didn’t make the cut.) Well, bring in your damn suitcase cousin. It looks like you plan on staying a while. But instead of crashing on my couch for a few month, he crashes in my ass. It really isn’t cool.

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