Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I struck something of a milestone last night, I did my first ride starting and finishing in the rain - at night. There were a few things I was aware of; 1. this was not such an amazing thing for the 15 or so cyclists I saw riding home from work, (my assumption because of the kind of bikes they rode) ( I noticed that this wasn't such a huge feat, noteworthy of a moment in Bicycling magazine, (Nov. 2009, Rites of Passage by Collin Erie, pg. 49). It was just a commute home. So perhaps the thing missing from the aforementioned list is, "stopped riding my bike to cross off parts of a list, and made the bike a part of my life."
So my list is of things I have learned because of my bike…it is a short list.
1. Not everyone is jazzed about bicycles and riding them.
2. Racing Sucks.
3. Training for racing Sucks.
4. A lady on a bike is 4X hotter than if she were walking in her underwear. (That is my fetish.)
5. Fenders on a fixed gear are scary dangerous.
6. When someone is excited about their piece of crap bicycle they bought at wally world, you should not bash their dreams on the rocks of reality…they will find out it sucks if they ride it.
7. Wal-Mart is the most destructive force in the world for cycling advocacy. (Their bikes suck, their “mechanics” suck…granted it is nice that the company hires so many mentally handicapped individuals….their attitude sucks, and everything is overpriced.) Shiny, full suspension, piles of shit make me not want to ride!
8. I need to remember to wear a helmet on my morning commute.
9. Night rides in the mountains rock.
10. I am happier on a bike.

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